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Baby, im the man of the century
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20th-Oct-2013 02:49 am - hi there
hello there my dear friends
how are you, i d like so much know about the extrafancy, vivica, satine, misconstructed, foui the brave and fool but the sane and all of you i´ d glad to listen about her life, my old mail doesnt work anymore i was remembering about my profile name in LJ, now my details i live alone in a room of north of Chile, working in corporative comunications and traveling every month to the south to visit my family, but...in my deep mind always be them!
4th-May-2009 12:26 am - meme one day
so sorry Kat, i  couldnt enter this site from March, so i dont read this tagged  before, im  sure i still writing other taggerd from  fool but sane, i think? so...meme 1, today  was  sunday im alone with my child  at  home, my husband travelled to  my ex city, cause  he  miss that place a lot  now, that  makes me   laugh hahahahaha, i dont feel  nostalgic  of my ex city, except for some place...but im here today, im happy here, i have new opportunities here, today can to read this LJ, an was happy, tomorrow   will be other day!
2nd-Oct-2008 07:48 pm - since High Fidelity or High solitude
"Las personas más desgraciadas que conozco son las que tienen un desarrollado gusto por la música pop. Y no sé si la música pop es la causa de esta infelicidad,pero sí tengo  muy claro que han escuchado eas canciones infelices durante más tiempo que el  que llevan viviendo sus vidas infelices...saquen sus propias conclusiones" (Nick Hornby)
The most unfortunate ppl that I know are those that have developed a taste for pop music. And I dont know whether pop music is the cause of this unhappiness, but I just know they have  heard that   unhappy  songs for longer than that have lived their lives miserable ...get your own conclusions

26th-Sep-2008 11:25 am - other confussion
well, i was  sending  a lot  of cvs to different cities of my country, actually i live at the centre, and  called me  today from my ex city from the north, then i   have to take a good  decission for me and my family, they  offer me a job par t time,  good  paid, but i cant   carry me with me to my   daughter, she has   7 years, cause  she  should  finnish  her   school until december,  can you believe i miss  to her a  lot ? , i mean,  are three months, she  will stay with my mom in law ...im not very convinced right  now, by other  way, i will   start  here   in my city  a new  social job,  bad paid, but  are just  4 hours  everyday.... what can i do????
Today have big news about my job, at the  15:30 pm,  will be doing a sychological interview for the position of   journalist in TVN. (www.tvn.ckl, just if  want  check it for curiosity),  they  is  elaborating a new project with news 24 hours online...well see  how  us is getting  in that?
Other news:
tomorrow  will travel to the south of Chile, to see my grandmother and to celebrate my Fiestas patrias ( typical celebration)at country style...
by other  way...i lost  a Boy George gig, the last  friday...he  was my child idol when i  was  7 years old...well he was three times here, i hope  everything  is going be  different later, with  more money for to go the concerts...
this is  all by today, i  guess soon will comeback here...
1st-Aug-2008 04:07 pm(no subject)
 this is  one of  days   sadest in my  life, dont  what  i do,  what  does i think ?, why fucking  shit    didnt  get  that dreamed job?
13th-Jul-2008 12:39 am - my new musical obsession

I wont anyone your die, without had known to this musician, please, check this links


http://es.youtube.com/watch?v=hJrNBcEIhcY   “Don’t way of  ask  sorry”


http://es.youtube.com/watch?v=sW65oduoe-U&feature=related   “Dream of the return” with Pat Metheny


http://es.youtube.com/watch?v=Vd48X2HYOpc   “Younger love” (this song  tell about of gay and lesbian love too)

Unfortunately, I didn’t find the audio for  “No te mueras sin decirme adonde vas”’ soundtrack  or Don’t die without  say me where you go, his masterpiece, try to  look it   on the net.

6th-Jul-2008 11:33 pm - Only God knows our destiny

Little times i have said  exits  good things and particularly goodest  singer, yet  this one of them, Pedro Aznar, with  his  own cover from Elton John.

Listen and watch this, is a special song, for  whom   look ask a new  chance for to love


4th-Jul-2008 11:31 am - soy una ermitaña

Dentro de mí.


Soy una ermitaña y paso a paso llevo a mis espaldas el peso que hay en mí

Vivo en la nostalgia de estar siempre sola

Y no sabes que me duele soñar, duele soñar

Soy una ermitaña vivo escondida, pero me refugio así profundo

No puedo escapar, me duele mostrarme ante ti, a tus ojos que amo y se ríen de mí,

Tu vuelas alto y yo jamás yo te alcanzaré

Te acercas y luego te vas de aquí

Soy una ermitaña como evitarlo, amarrada estoy a mi s dolores

Trato de alcanzarte pero caigo y me quedo aquí

Nadie  puede ayudarme y te arrancas de mí

Tu vuelas alto y yo, no lograré llegar a ti, y yo jamás yo te alcanzaré, bis.

Dentro de mí, yo dentro de mí… yo esperaré tu vida

Y no estarás no, conmigo no irás

Quiero cuidar mi herida

Dentro de mí, bis


Inside myself


Im anchorite, step by step, carry  the charge there inside myself on my shoulders.

Live in the nostalgic, to be always alone

And you don’t know, feel pain  to dream,  feel  pain to dream

Im   anchorite      live hidden, but  my shelter is too deep

I cant  run away,  im feel  pain by show me to you, your eyes I love, and its  laugh to me.

You fly high and I will  never   reach you

Close to me, then  you go  far away from here

Im anchorite, how does stop it? , im fasten to my pain

I try of reach you, but im fall down,  stay  here

Nobody can help me, you run away from me

You fly high and me,  will not  get      to be  next to you, I ‘ll never reach you

Inside myself, me, inside myself, I ‘ll wait  for  your life

And  wont  to be, no with me  you will not  go.

I wanna  to take care my hurt, inside myself.


For the others anchorites at the  world… http://es.youtube.com/watch?v=nFL31z41RDI



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